Export iTunes Playlist to a folder / drive

Are you using iTunes to manage your Audio-Files? And you want to export those files to a folder or memory stick? Then perhaps this simple script can help.
  • Available for Windows, no Mac Version - sorry!
  • No Graphical User Interface - sorry!
  • Just what I needed, nothing fancy - sorry!
  • No Warranty at all, use it at your own risk - sorry!
  • ... but hej, it's free :-)
  • UNDERSTAND that there is NO Warranty! Use the tool at your own risk!
  • Download: iTunes_ExportPlaylistToFolder.vbs (Version February 1, 2009)
  • Copy iTunes_ExportPlaylistToFolder.vbs into e.g. c:\temp\
  • Open iTunes_ExportPlaylistToFolder.vbs with Notepad (I said there is no Graphical User Interface, didn't I?)
  • Scroll down to "------------ Change here ------------"
  • Adjust these values if necessary:
    • CONST_CheckModified: True: Check if the file was modified / False: Check only if the file exists
    • CONST_Classics_by_Composer: True: Tracks classified as genre "Classical" will be copied by composer, not by artist
    • CONST_TargetRootFolder: Target folder; do not forget the / at the end!
    • CONST_LogFile: Logfile for export status
    • CONST_TestDrive: True: Do not write folders, just create log file
  • Save iTunes_ExportPlaylistToFolder.vbs
  • Open iTunes, select the Playlist you want to export
  • Start iTunes_ExportPlaylistToFolder.vbs either via double-click in Windows Explorer or from the command line
  • Check the target folder and the log file (set in CONST_LogFile)
  • Do not open iTunes dialoges (e.g. Track Info)while the tool is running, this will interrupt the tool!
Folder Structure
Copies the selected iTunes Playlist into a structure like...
  • \A\Anastacia\Freak of Nature\01 Freak Of Nature.mp3
  • \A\Anastacia\Freak of Nature\02 Paid My Dues.mp3
  • \C\Collins, Phil\Serious Hits ... Live!\01 Something Happened On The Way To.m4a
  • \C\Corrs, The\Unplugged\01 Only When I Sleep.m4a
  • \M\Morissette, Alanis\Alanis Unplugged\01 You Learn.m4a
  • \R\Ravel, Maurice\Piano Concertos\Piano Concerto In G - 1. Allegramente.mp3
How do I tag the music in my iTunes Music Library?
  • Names (Artist, Composer etc.):
    • Lastname, Firstname (I want to order by Jones, Norah - not Norah Jones)
    • Separate with Semicolon: "Abbado, Claudio; Argerich, Martha: London Symphony Orchestra"
    • Names like "Corrs, The", not "The Corrs" or you'll find them under "\T\The Corrs"
  • Album Artist: Set the Album Artist if you have an album performed by one main artist and other (additional) artist for some few songs.
    Example Patricia Kaas' album "Dans Ma Chair": All songs are performed by Patricia Kaas; just one song is performed by her with James Taylor. I want to find all songs under Patricia's name and therefore set the Album Artist name to "Kaas, Patricia".
  • Part of a Compilation: This attribute is used differently in iTunes than in GraceNote! I use compilations for albums of different artists:
    Example: "Greatest Hits" by different artists is a compilation; "Greatest Hits" by Queen is NO compilation (I want to find them in the folder \Q\Queen\Greatest Hits\").
  • Title Name: I do not use the name of the composer in the title field or Album name (e.g. "Piano Concerto In G - 1. Allegramente", not "Ravel: Piano Concerto In G - 1. Allegramente")
Please send any questions to hedderich@gmx.net - thanks!

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